a self taught abstract artist, PhD (LL.D.) in law, attorney

My backround

I have been studying pretty much my whole life. Boy, have I been sitting on the front row taking notes. Lecture after lecture, exam after exam. After graduating law school I started working with my PhD thesis right away. It is not a surprise that I chose most topics on legal theory - the field of law that in my opinion is the closest thing to art. Along studies I worked as a teacher in law school and conducted some serious research. I travelled around the world studying and participating in seminars. I sang in a choir and played piano. Took spinning classes. Cooked to my friends. Served as a trainee judge in a district court at young age. I had fancy dinners, asked critical questions and was feeling at home on high heels. I was young, hungry and fearless. But that wasn’t all that I was. I was more. 

Working as an attorney is a big part of me and I highly appreciate it.

My doctoral studies as a Fulbright Scholar in the UCLA Law School in Los Angeles was one of the best years of my life. One can really feel free in the city of angels. During that time I felt a strong pull towards academia but I had really burning intellectual interest for being an attorney as well. It suited well to my nature being precise, finding solutions to difficult issues and just mastering it. After the years in academia I had my very big dream come true when I got a job in an international attorney office in Helsinki. I enjoyed working in dispute resolution team and I still do. Working as an attorney is a big part of me and I highly appreciate it.

How I started to paint

My husband and I got our sweet little daughter in November 2018. I decided to stay home with her until she was near the age of two before putting her to daycare. After being busy career oriented person my whole life, the stay-at-home-mom scene was quite shoking to me. The change, compared to my old life, was just overwhelming. It was that so much that it moved someting in my soul. The strong creative side started to bubble up - something that I had abandoned long time ago was now reaching back to me. I found that my self-awareness about my career and my calling was expanding.

In art I can be out of the line. I get to be a rebel.

During the maternity leave the artistic energy, that I always knew I have, broke free. The colors just flew out of me. I found incredible joy when I finally had the time and the space to let my creativity to flow. So I started painting and I haven't stopped since.

Painting is my passion. It is like music. It takes me to places and feeds my soul. In art I can be out of the line. I get to be a rebel. I get to hang out in wool socks and have paint in my hair. That is radical. That is diamonds.

Inspiration and the future

My inspiration rises from contrasts that I face in everyday life. You can see it in colors, in tones of voices, in professions, in personalities - in almost everything around you. In particular contexts you can explore differencies between feminine and masculine, hard and soft, powerful and weak and so on. My creativity lies in such contrasts and I am constantly seeking that. 

Due to my backround in academia I have found it facinating how art and science collide but still always find a way to discuss. Working in legal profession gives me an unique caleidoscope as an artist. I get to bring the different shades of humanity into my art work from an unexpected ankle. Dispite the contradictions between legal and artistic world I strongly feel that these two professions have huge assets to give to each other. I feel lucky that I get to work in both fields. I feel enourmous statisfaction by virtue of being, not only critical thinker, but also a creative thinker. The art helps me to search out of the box as a lawyer and the law gives me inspiration and boost as an artist. And I must admit that I feel good about wearing not only proverbial hat of a lawyer but also the hat of an artist.

The question that often puts me unease is how could a brain that masterfully analyses cases and legislation could also have a talent for creativity? Well, "creativity takes courage" as Henri Matisse (lawyer himself) said. I agree.

I'm very touched for all the superb reviews I have got after releasing my first collection. I have sold more paintings that I could have ever imagined. This all gives me the needed courage to keep on painting - I hope you stay with me!